ASEA Founders

So what do you do when you’ve been highly successful in the traditional corporate world? When you’ve been instrumental in leading billion-dollar divisions to ever greater heights? When you’ve had corporate giants seek your help even after you’ve retired?

Well, it turns out you play a lot of golf.

And you do it with your friend who retired from the telecommunications industry at age 43. That’s what led Verdis Norton and his golfing buddy, James Pack, to acquire the foundational technology behind what is, today, ASEA.

See, guys like this don’t ever really retire. They just keep their eyes open for new opportunities.

After three decades with Kraft Foods, Verdis Norton retired as the Vice President of Strategy and later was asked to run a biotech company. Some time after that, a particular technology caught Verdis’ interest, and when the technology came up for sale, Verdis mentioned it to his Park City, Utah friend and neighbor, James Pack.

James had moved to Park City years prior after building a highly successful telecommunications consulting company. So successful, in fact, that James retired at an age when most businessmen are just beginning to earn real income. When James heard about the opportunity to join Verdis in business and acquire this intriguing technology, he pulled out a check, wrote in a large figure, and said, “There’s more where this came from. Let’s do this.”

And that’s how ASEA was born. Two men, each highly successful in the traditional business world, each acutely attuned to recognizing opportunity, each singularly motivated to make a difference in the lives of others.

Verdis Norton – Co-Founder – Chief Executive Officer

Verdis Norton is the visionary Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASEA Inc. For decades he has been honing his vision, strategy, and planning skills with some of the largest corporations in the world. Mr. Norton brings almost 30 years of corporate experience with him, including experience in corporate sales, general management and strategy. He retired from Kraft Foods, a Fortune 500 Company, as the Vice President of Strategy.

Mr. Norton just recently completed an assignment as the President of a biotech startup company that introduced Activated Lactoferin (Activin™), a food technology. Following corporate retirement he consulted with Kraft Europe, working with senior management and country managers on corporate reengineering. He has served on various boards and executive committees in both the private and public sectors where he assists other companies with strategy and business management.

James G. Pack – Co-Founder and President

James Pack is the Co-Founder and President of ASEA, LLC. Mr. Pack has well over two decades corporate experience as a sales and marketing executive for various telecommunications firms. Through his years of experience and expertise in the telecommunication industry he started Pack Consulting, a group that provided the niche services of consulting and lobbying at the state level.

Mr. Pack retired from the telecommunications industry in the mid-90s and began an active role in a very successful real estate development company that focused its development activity in Park City, Uinta Basin and the Salt Lake Valley. His attention to detail and expertise has greatly aided ASEA in the research and engineering necessary to improve scalability and overall production capabilities.

ASEA Headquarters

ASEA Corporate Headquarters is located at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in the scenic Salt Lake Valley.

We welcome you to come a visit us, learn more about our company, products, and incredible opportunities.

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