Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. Atomic Physicist and author of ” The Science of Healing Revealed – New Insights into Redox Signaling” writes:

“All health problems can be linked to damaged cells. Redox Signaling molecules are fundamental to the healing process.”

The following unscripted testimonials are from actual people who are using ASEA. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ASEA is not intended to diagnosis, treat , cure or prevent any disease.

 Better Sleep – Skin Issues

Let me tell you how well ASEA is working for me. I have had red itchy, flaky, sores on my face, arms, legs, etc. for 28 years which also affects millions of people. I began drinking and spraying ASEA on my face and body starting on 7/29/11,and the redness and sores have mostly gone away. I have been on so many different meds from dermatologists for years with no relief. Until now. Wow. I am also sleeping through the night, which I haven’t done for over 10 years. I can’t wait to see what this product does over the next 11 days.

 Mike  McKernan

 No more migraines, better sleep, smoother skin, and more!

ASEA has changed my life profoundly! I no longer suffer from migraine headaches (related to the vog spewing from our active volcano 12 miles away), I sleep more soundly at night, my body is now more alkaline than it’s ever been, my skin is smoother and has a healthy glow, and most unexpectedly, I don’t suffer from motion sickness anymore. It’s incredible! I can fly in airplanes (took 6 trips last year), and drive on winding roads without any more nausea or illness. I am finally balanced! I did nothing different other than drink and spritz myself with ASEA. I plan on using and sharing this divine product the rest of my life!

Marie Isom, Hilo, HI

No more anti-inflammatories and improved stamina

A few years ago I was in a cycling accident and received a hair-line fracture at the end of my right arm ulna (at the elbow). Stiffness, pain, and limited mobility resulted from this injury. In addition to loving cycling, I am an avid tennis and racquetball player. However, this injury made it painful and difficult to continue playing as often as I had in the past. I began to take prescription anti-inflammatories to deal with the discomfort caused by my playing racquet sports.
In the spring of 2010, my next door neighbor introduced me to ASEA. His personal experience with ASEA impressed me, and since my university degree was in molecular biology, I became very interested in learning more about these “reactive molecules” contained in ASEA. I read the book “The Science of Healing Revealed – New Insights into Redox Signaling” by Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D.
My wife and I decided to give it a try. Within just a few weeks of using ASEA I noticed a significant improvement in my elbow. I stopped talking the anti-inflammatories and now play racquetball daily with little to no discomfort. I play between 1 and 2 hours a day, six days a week. I was also impressed by my improved cardiovascular stamina. I found that I began to run faster and could reach higher heart rates without fatiguing as quickly.
ASEA truly is a breakthrough in cellular health and performance. I recommend everyone I come across to give ASEA a try. Combining ASEA with exercise and good eating habits is a sure way to improve one’s health and extend life.

Bruno Hill, Provo, UT


Better blood sugar levels, no brain operation needed and hyper healing of a jelly fish sting

I’m one the best DJ’s on the island of Oahu in Honolulu. I’m not a Doctor or a Chemist just a regular person. When I heard of ASEA from a friend of mine I was so skeptical. I didn’t want to try it myself so I used my Dad, Mom, and Auntie as guinea pigs to take the products. My parents are facing some challenges in their health and my Dad’s sugar was always 300 because he’s always sneaking chocolate in the night when everybody is asleep. He got caught then I told him to try taking this ASEA. His sugar level went from 300 to 75 and that was remarkable. Then I had my Auntie try it out. She took it for 3 months before she went to get operated on in December because she had a growth on her brain but when I took her in the morning at 6am, she came out in a few hours and told me they cancelled her operation because they can’t find the growth on her brain! Remarkable! I kept calling to join this company ASEA I’ve been taking it for 8 and it has done some remarkable things to me as well. One time, I was swimming in Haleiwa Beach Park with my family. When I got up in the water, I got stung on the face by a ‘Portuguese Man of War’ jellyfish so I ran to the Life Guard for some vinegar but they didn’t have any. I didn’t want them to urinate on my eye (A local remedy that is supposed to help with the sting.) and luckily I had a spray bottle of ASEA in my bag so I sprayed the heck out of it. There was an ASEA meeting that same night at Cinnamons in Kailua and by the time I got there I was all healed! Unbelievable! I am A TRUE BELIEVER OF ASEA THAT IS WHY I SUPPORT BEING AN ASSOCIATE OF THIS COMPANY!

Fred Jacobe, Aiea, HI


More energy, clearer skin and clarity of mind

I have so much energy now. My skin has cleared up all over my body. I have such clarity of mind. I have so much endurance when I work out and I love to work out now.

Pauline Bowen, Gaithersburg, MA


No more blotches in vision

For many years, I suffered from vision problems of blotches which were severe in my driving and living conditions. After using ASEA in my eyes for 2 months I have no problems.

Reynolds Kamakawiwoole, Honokaa, HI


 Anxiety attacks relieved

It has been over a year since I began taking ASEA. It was brought to me through my son. Little did I know that what would take place would lift me up the way it has in so many ways. I had been having severe anxiety attacks from stress. I was losing feelings in my hands. I could not hold on to anything while trying to cook. I had been on the product about four months when I realized that I was using my hands and that they were flexible. Of course I knew that ASEA had given me some kind of activity in my cells to heal. I could breathe with ease and began to swim an hour a day in the mid summer. It has blessed me physically, mentally and spiritually for I am truly a better person because I feel so good.

Rouxlette Varlow, Las Vegas, NV


More exercise, less muscle fatigue, and better mood and better mental focus

ASEA helped me off the couch and do more lifestyle exercise, rehabilitative exercises and lite-sports. If I do have any joint tenderness or muscle fatigue, an extra ounce of ASEA at the time makes it disappear within minutes. My mental focus and mood have improved considerably also. I’ve been able to stop taking some medications, especially one that cost way more ASEA. I can’t imagine going without!

Cathy Luck, Bella Vista, AR


Completely off pain killers, more mental clarity and husband able to work out again

My husband and I have been taking ASEA for about two months now. I was in significant pain most days, and taking darvocet and ibuprofen to help with the discomfort. I am now completely off the pain killers, and continue to feel better. My husband had a sore shoulder that was bothering him for a year and a half, and it is so much better now that he can do his heavy weight lifting workout at the gym again. We are feeling better than ever. I have increased clarity of mind and more energy and can’t say enough about how ASEA has positively impacted my life. Thank you ASEA!

Carol Brunson, Santa Fe, NM


No more pain, able to swallow  and swollen ring around neck gone

I suddenly came down with odd symptoms: pain all over, couldn’t swallow, tired, and an alarming swollen ring around my neck. Doctors in 2 cities couldn’t figure it out, but they were testing me for auto-immune diseases. After spending $$$ trying to figure it out, I thought I’d have to live with it. A friend’s mom told us about ASEA and after 4 days all the symptoms were gone! And not only that, but I started sleeping 8 hours through the night, had vision improvement, and more energy than you could imagine. The icing on the cake was when I discovered I could give up using a $50 night cream on my face because spraying ASEA was the most effective face treatment yet! People have noticed, and I am ecstatic!

Patty Duffey, Henderson, NV


Skin repair from strong cleanser

While doing some cleaning a few days ago, I used a strong cleanser I had not used before. It immediately began burning my hands but I was in a hurry and kept cleaning. When I finished my task, I washed my hands but knew the next day they would feel like sand paper. However, before going to bed that evening I sprayed ASEA on my hands several times within 30 minutes and rubbed the spray into my skin. I did not use any lotion. Much to my amazement, the next day my hands were soft with no residual affects from the strong cleanser. I am constantly amazed how many ways I can benefit from using the ASEA on my skin.

Carol Lovell, Mesa, AZ

More energy, healthier skin, and no more cought!

I am the president of a ministry called Partners in Prayer and our members are from all over the Untied States. We invited Elder LaVelton Daniels to be a presenter at one of our monthly meetings and he started telling us about ASEA. When he finished teling us what it did for his granddaughter I immediately wanted the product, as well as several other members of our Team. Several weeks later I signed up, and three others signed up under me that same week. The first day that I started taking the product I noticed immediately that I had more energy and then I noticed the next day that I was not coughing all day and night. I started taking ASEA on a Friday, and on Sunday I noticed that skin was pealing off my hands; I have atopic dermatitis and I break out all the time. In the Winter my hands look terrible; I could not believe what I was seeing so I started watching my hands and the rest of my body. Others on the Prayer Team noticed that I was not coughing as much and more people started to sign up. I sleep better at night or anytime that I want to take a nap and I am losing inches off of my waist line. I also noticed that my craving for sweets is dying and I get full quicker. I could go on and on about ASEA, I am so grateful to Elder LaVelton Daniel for sharing that story with us about his granddaughter. My Team is now 20 strong and growing!

Angela Parker, St. Louis, MO


Difference in workouts

I have been exercising early mornings for one hour twice a week but after four days of taking ASEA my partner and I noticed I was sweating all over and it was unreal since it was a rather cool morning. Of course we thought I was gaining weight but after checking with the Doctor, found out that it was the ASEA working inside of me (I didn’t gain a pound). Well this made a true believer of me for the product since in only four days I saw a difference. Thanks a whole bunch, ASEA! I truly tell everyone who will give me a chance how ASEA really works and even include my personal experience.

Miguel Avila, San Antonio, TX


Clear mind, whole body, and improved blood sugar levels

My wife Liz had a severe stroke in Aug 2010. She had a bad brain bleed and the medical community gave up on survival and said to prepare for her funeral. Through God’s grace she began to respond. I will give him all the glory for saving her and bringing her back to me. She went to a skilled nursing home with therapies and then to a rehab hospital and then came home to me on Dec 8th, 2010. When she came home she had limited verbal communication and just started eating. I am her caregiver and am reporting on my observation of ASEA and my wife. My friend Tracy introduced me to the concept of redox signaling helping to repair damaged cells. I thought my wife had millions of damaged brain cells so it caught my attention. She started on Valentines Day, Feb 14 2011. She described her condition before ASEA as cloudy, foggy mind, and a body that doesn’t listen to her. After 2 weeks she said her mind was clear and her body felt whole. 6 weeks into this she now says her mind is clear and she is smart again and thinks faster. Her body she says now responds to what she wants it to do. She talked to her daughter for 25 minutes yesterday and is able to talk all day long. I have upped her dosage to 3 oz twice a day but am considering to go to 4 oz twice a day. Thank you ASEA. I feel her recovery will be faster and in record time. I started taking this product because I am a type II diabetic and my blood sugar level has gone down 7 points so far. Amazing product that will be a part of our lives for the rest of our lives.

Steven Anderssen, Springfield, MO


Rapid Heartbeat

I was diagnosed with a rapid heartbeat condition 7 years ago when I lived in Washington, DC. When I was put on a C-Pap, I got a good night’s sleep and my rapid heartbeat normalized. About 18 months ago, the problem began to return. When I heard that ASEA helped my sponsor with his rapid heartbeat, I decided to purchase some for myself. My problem got better almost immediately and in 6 weeks I had no more rapid heartbeat. My doctor gave me an EKG test when I told her my story and my heart tested to be in perfect condition!!! This was within 3 months of taking ASEA every day.

Jody Bargerstock, Deep Gap, NC


 Better sleep, mental clarity and diminishing spider veins

I was given ASEA to try approximately 4 months ago. At first I was skeptical and I would only really take it when I was sick. After a couple of bouts of upper respiratory infection I noticed that when I was taking ASEA religiously I was getting better within a couple of days as opposed to two to three weeks. I then was a believer and began to take it every day since Feb. 21st. I used to wake up almost 4-5 times per night, but now I sleep like a baby. My moods are more even (My wife loves it since I never get mad LOL!), and my indigestion is gone. My wife who is also using it has noticed sounder sleep, better clarity, and she has been spaying it on her spider veins which are getting smaller and disappearing only after 1 month of use. I love it and will never go without it!

George Cobos, Laredo, TX


Weightlifting without getting tired

I won a box of ASEA at a meeting and started to take it religiously thinking a miracle was going to happen and it didn’t. I kept telling myself this could be a hoax until I noticed I was lifting my barbells in my bedroom more and more than I ever did before and wasn’t getting tired. I would usually lift the weights five times on each arm just for fun and it would hurt because I’m a wimp. I would then stop. After going through the other three bottles of ASEA I’m now pumping iron without getting tired. As a matter of fact, I’m able to out-walk my trainers without getting pooped… THANKS ASEA! You are truly “SUPER WATER!”… Oz OUT!

Ozzie Morrow Jr., Los Angeles, CA


Better sleep, breathing and bowel conditions

Before I found out about ASEA, I had just dedicated my life to helping people with degenerative diseases. I felt I was very healthy and as a 51 year old mom and wife of 23 years, I knew that certain types of things start to occur as a result of aging. Then ASEA came into my world from a friend who told me about it. When I tried ASEA, I noticed I slept more soundly and woke up very refreshed. I used 2 ounces in the morning, 2 before dinner and 2 more before bedtime on an empty stomach. I used more than the recommended amount because ASEA has zero toxicity and I really wanted to see something happen. Boy did it! My asthma went away with in 3 days and in two weeks my incontinence stopped… which allowed me to make it to the restroom in time. Additionally, a 10 year old benign lump in my left breast is now gone after many more months using ASEA regularly.

Pamela Shurilla, Santa Ana, CA


Exposure to toxic bug spray fumes

I recently had a bad experience exhaling a potent bug spray at my home. I kept coughing but no headaches. I took an extra dose of ASEA and the next morning I was full of clear phlegm in my nose and throat. I took my regular 2oz. in the morning and by evening I had no discomfort whatsoever! I truly believe if I hadn’t been on ASEA, my system would not have produced the excessive amount of phlegm to wash my system of the bug spray.

Elizabeth King, Bradenton, FL


Pain Management

I have been taking ASEA for approximately 2 and a half months. My pain management is much better!! I may not be totally off of pain medication, BUT I SURE AM NOT TAKING THEM AS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the brain fog is lifting!!

Gweneth Cook, Oklahoma City, Ok


What ASEA has done for me is alleviate my Gout attacks substantially. Now, I can rest assured to do my daily activities without being bed ridden most of the time. Other areas where ASEA has helped me was I had really bad chest pains and body aches which ASEA practically got rid of. Last, but not least, my eye sight and comfort of my eye has improved due to some complications after doing my Lasik surgery back in 2004. Overall thanks to ASEA I feel better and much relieved. Mahalo.

Sam Shafer Jr., Kapolei, HI


Extensive Skin Damage

I have extensive skin damage on my arms, legs, and forehead from sun exposure when I was a young boy and teenager. Living in Southern California I spent years at the beach, at ballparks, on picnics, at pools in the sun without wearing a hat. I have had basil cell cancer removed from my right forehead when I was 53 years old. Several times per year I had to visit a dermatologist to burn off pre-cancerous growths before they became dangerous. I have been spraying ASEA on my forehead several times a day and have seen much improvement in skin condition. For the last 2 1/2 years I have had an open oozing sore on my right forearm the size of a small button. Nothing I tried would heal the open wound which could prove to be embarrassing at times. I began spraying ASEA directly on the wound several times per day. Within a month it has healed completely. Only a small pink area remains that does not even resemble a scar.

Wayne Houghton, Tempe, AZ


Improved Vision

I was finding that my eyes were taking a long time to shift from close-up reading to distance sight. I would be reading on a plane, for example, and then got off the plane and couldn’t see the signs in the airport. I started spraying Asea in my eyes (I thought, after all, there are cells there, too!) and discovered that my eyesight recovered quickly and I was able to see. It works at home, too, when I’m reading or doing a crossword puzzle and then look up to see the TV. When I mentioned it to Dr. Ward from the Asea Advisory Council he suggested using an eyedropper, and that has worked well. I now see well with Asea.

Patty Duffey, Palm Desert, CA

Toe Injury

My experience with ASEA has come as a blessing not only for me but for everyone we have touched and those who will be touched. My story starts when ASEA came into my life. I had broken my toe and came home and used ASEA. I soaked some cotton and wrapped it around my toe. Then I drank six ounces and then went to bed. When I woke up I noticed that there was no bruising and I was still comfortable. I then went to the doctor to get checked out and told my doctor I did not take anything for pain the night before. My doctor asked when did I hurt myself and I told him yesterday. Just to check on things he ordered an x-ray. Two days later he called me late in the evening and told me the bone was broken and I needed to stay off my leg. I was so filled with joy because I did not have to take pain medication through out the time my cells were damaged. At the time of this testimony it has been over seven weeks and I am at 85% mobility in my toe.

Maile Kaipo, Waimanalo, Hi


 No more chronic pain or hot spots

My name is Caroline and I am 81 years young. I have been taking ASEA for 4 months now and no longer have chronic pain or hot spots, I have more energy than I have had in years and just yesterday took my first Zip Line trip across the lake, it was awesome. I now have my life back, thank you ASEA.

Caroline Mallatt, Tavares, FL


Severe breathing issue

I’ve been asthmatic for over 30 years. I have been using the nebuelizer 6 – 7 times a day to get relief. It’s a coincidence that I have not used the nebuelizer for 3 months and the inhaler I have only used about 3 times in 3 months. Thank you ASEA!!!!

JB Moore, Pearland, TX


Painful tooth ache

A month ago I had excruciating discomfort on my tooth. I had symptoms of an abscess tooth. I could not touch it with food or anything. I sprayed ASEA on a cotton swap and bit down on it for 30 min. for 2 days. This happened on a Saturday night. Sunday I still had pain but Monday, the pain was gone. I went to the Dentist to see if there was a problem. Guess what, at $90 later for the xray; the dentist could not find anything wrong with it. What a coincidence.
Lorraine Moore, Pearland, TX


Clarity of thought, no more storing for my wife

My name is Kevin Porter. I live in Santa Cruz California, at the Northern tip of the Monterey Bay. I live with my beautiful wife, Rebecca, my daughter, Ashley and our grandson, Kanan. I am 58 and am focused on aging gracefully and with good health. It is not an easy task, but it beats the alternative.
In late October of 2009, a good friend recommended I look at the new ASEA product. It was difficult to understand the concept of reactive molecules but I trusted the safety study published online and began using the product daily. Within three days I remarked to my wife Rebecca about my thinking being clearer and more focused. At 58 years of age, I recognized that my thinking and focus had diminished over the past few years. It is fantastic to have this clarity of thought again. That was just the beginning.
The second thing that really excited me (and continues to) is the new youthful vitality my body is experiencing. This is NOT a caffeine or “ingredient high” like Guarana. It is a sustained energy level that reminds me of the vitality I had 20 years ago. I go to the gym a few times a week to keep in shape. It has been more difficult, as I age. Today, I take about 4-6 ounces of Asea before the gym and I am working out like I was 35 years old! I am lifting more, more and easier repetitions, longer periods on the treadmill, and no recovery pains. This is awesome. ASEA is truly an anti-aging wonder! My body is also responding to the workouts better than it ever has. More muscle, definition and a greater sense of well being.
It gets better! I developed a problem sleeping a few years ago. Not me, really. I started snoring and my wife developed the sleeping problem. Last week, a friend using ASEA commented that her husband is not snoring any longer. I asked my wife about my snoring and she surprisingly said she couldn’t remember when I last snored. That may sound a bit unimportant, but to a spouse who had been awakened nightly, it is a life changer.
It is hard to say what is happening inside my body as I use ASEA every day. I know my cells are operating at higher efficiency, maintaining a youthful vitality that I am truly thankful for. I am sharing the product with many people and athletes and they too are receiving terrific benefits. Some results border on amazing. Try ASEA, you’ll like it a lot! ASEA is unlike anything you have ever used as a supplement. My whole family has been ‘turned on’ by ASEA.
Kevin Porter, Paradise Park, Santa Cruz, CA


81 Years Young and Feeling Strong

I had been taking ASEA for about 1-1/2 months and taking 3 oz. daily when I decided that the garage needed a good cleaning out. It was filthy! I needed to move lots of different items such as bicycles, a lawn mower, ladder, large bags of dog food, etc. It took me two days. When I was finished, I called my family over to see and they were just amazed! A week ago I also started exercising on my tread mill, 1 mile per day. I feel good and I don’t get tired. I am an 81 year great-grandma and feeling strong.

Bobbie Frey, Keaau, HI


Couple both see results

First, my husband noticed that his heart burn and indigestion disappeared. We noticed joint relief. My hands were feeling what I think were stiff and uncomfortable, and I was really thinking about getting it checked out. After a little more than a week on ASEA the soreness had gone and the mobility had returned.

Debee & Paul, Keaau, HI


Headaches disappear

I am 52 years old. For years, every morning I woke up with a pounding headache and feeling sick to my stomach. I would take a handful of medications first thing and go back to bed for an hour or so to give them time to kick in. I dreaded standing up because the pain in my feet felt like a million little needles stabbing the bottoms. I’m told the feeling is similar to gout, it is incredibly painful. If I was lucky, I would start my day. Some days I could not get out of bed at all. Now that I am drinking ASEA, not only do I stand up without any discomfort in my feet, I don’t wake up with a headache. I feel great and full of energy. Something I thought I would never feel again.

Desiree Berrigan, Kurtistown, HI


Feeling comes back to feet

Just had to share my testimony for ASEA. My wife and I started taking ASEA about a month ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. For more than two decades, I’ve suffered with a health imbalance that has caused me a great deal of discomfort in the form of swollen ankles and ugly red splotches below the knees. I had no feeling in my feet, other than a steady tingling sensation. The doctors have always told me that this was a condition that I’d have to live with and could never be reversed or ameliorated.
Well, after a couple of weeks on ASEA, I noticed that I was getting feeling back in my feet, the swelling in my ankles started going down, and the red splotches on my legs completely disappeared!
Last year, I started going to a dermatologist to have some eruptions on my face and hands treated. I would go in about every month and he would “freeze” these eruptions off my face and hands. They had broken out again, so it was time to make another doctor’s appointment. But, I decided to try spraying these spots with ASEA. And, lo and behold, they went away! I think they’ll probably crop up from time to time, but now I know that, with ASEA, I can minimize the outbreak.
And, as a side benefit to spraying my face I’ve noticed that my once snow-white beard has started to revert to its original ginger color. Just wanted to share these wonderful things with you.

Jack Howell, MI

ASEA relieves aches and pains

I recently underwent surgery for a total hip replacement. I have scar tissue in my back, legs, abdomen and shoulders and there has been quite a bit of strain and pain associated with the body trying to compensate for the longer length of my right leg.
Since being on ASEA for over two weeks, the strain and a lot of the pain has gone.
My Chiropractor even remarked as to how much better the tissues in my back were! My massage therapist has been able to break up a lot more of the scar tissue all over y body since I’ve been on ASEA.
I highly recommend taking ASEA daily for any aches and pains and to help your body heal more quickly.



Doctor Now Life Coach and Former Chiropractor – EIS Testing Amazing Results

Here’s my ASEA story following the EIS testing this week. I am a life development coach and former chiropractor. I was introduced to ASEA three weeks ago and have been taking the 3 to 4 oz per day. I am age 41 and love life. I feel great but the concept of molecular signaling with ASEA has been the product I’ve been looking for in addressing difficult cases we attract within our coaching and consulting services.
Personally, my desire was to get a baseline measurement on the EIS prior to taking the ASEA product. Now, keep in mind I’ve been taking ASEA for three weeks, however. The EIS is a breakthrough stress assessment computer from France. It measures the body’s compartments and organs in a 3 minute detailed scan and is truly amazing. Hospitals in Florida are now using the EIS scan as it is a rapid assessment with very detailed information at the cellular level. A chiropractic center in our town acquired the EIS, and I received a recent scan from my chiropractic colleague. Do you know what he said to me during his report of findings following my scan?
Although I am symptom-free and taking ASEA, keep in mind, I had no idea what to expect on the EIS results since it had been almost 3 years since my last EIS scan. Well, as my colleague reviewed my scan, he said, “We’ve tested almost 1,000 people now on the EIS, and your scan is absolutely the best I’ve seen. Nobody has a report that is as balanced as yours. It looks really good. Whatever you’re doing is working.”I did have with me a bottle of ASEA just in case the topic came up following my testing.”
I explained to him my desire was to get an EIS scan as a baseline and early marker before I started taking ASEA but apparently, it was TOO LATE! All of my bar graphs were “in the zone,” if you will, which is remarkable. I was absolutely amazed and thrilled with my results on ASEA in such a short time. I now have the green light to begin training for another marathon!
What we do know in the brief time we’ve been using ASEA is that it works much faster than a three week window. It works immediately once it hits the cells. The truth is, our bodies are craving a balance of reactive molecules at the cellular level, and anyone with symptoms or health issues has such an imbalance, for example. Here’s the exciting feature…with ASEA, we have a molecular formula which consistently addresses this vital “communication link” in the arena of molecular signaling. Thanks to ASEA, for the first time we can introduce a balanced set of reactive molecules to the body.
Advanced testing such as the EIS computer will provide such a platform monitor ASEA and healing phases at the cellular level. Just remember, if possible, get your baseline testing before the first drop of ASEA hits your tongue!

Dr. Mark Gustafson


Burn Relief

All I can tell you is…I BURNT my hand while cooking-first thing that hit my mind was-ASEA- I used the Spray on Applicator and I kid you not- by the time I went to bed there was NO indication of a burn…no pain, no mark.
I love this stuff.

Christine and Kent Larsen


See Dane Run: ASEA – Does it Work??

The following is re-published with permission from Dane Rauschenberg and was posted originally on his blog at http://www.danerunsalot.blogspot.com Thanks Dane for allowing us to post your story here.

ASEA – Does it work?
As with most people, I am quite wary of any product which tells me it can help me do something better without very little effort. In September of last year I was introduced to a product called ASEA at a marathon expo. I listened to a gentleman describe the product to me and I was intrigued. I learned how antioxidants, by themselves, are incapable of fighting free radicals without the help of certain reactive molecules. The reactive molecules contained in ASEA are the fundamental components of cellular communication and greatly influence the operation of the immune system. Why am I giving you a science lesson?
Well, without going into too much detail (as I probably do not fully comprehend all the science anyway), ASEA supposedly is the only product which can increase the effectiveness of the body’s most important natural antioxidants by over 500%. Was I skeptical? Is the Pope Catholic? (Yes, he is.)
Unfortunately for my health and fortunately for the purpose of experimentation, I was just a few weeks removed from getting hit by a car and severely separating my shoulder. I was in the perfect place to see if any product could help me heal faster and get me exercising as soon as possible. When I saw that the product was made up of Distilled Water and Sodium Chloride, I was even more skeptical that this “salt water” could do much for me.
I did not expect to see results right away but was happy to try a few bottles that were given to me. Can’t hurt to get it a shot though, right? And for a few weeks I did not see a noticeable difference. But as the months went by, I began to notice that even my normal recovery time, which was faster than most, was actually increasing. However, as I was getting over the car accident and the downtime from it, I figured it was just my body ramping back up to speed again. as such, I didn’t think much of that until New Year’s Eve.
You may have read here how I ran a 6 hour run around Liberty Park on NYE to prep for my upcoming 204 miler. I then went out and inexplicably ran a 19 minute 5k, in freezing cold weather, just a few hours after churning out 43 miles in 6 hours. This seemed absolutely ludicrous to me. I have been able to surprise myself often with my efforts in races but the turnaround time on this was just remarkable.
In the past few months, while running and traveling a schedule that makes my 52 Marathon schedule look weak in comparison, I have been able to stay healthy and strong in spite of the rigors I have been putting my body through. Sure I have had some niggling pains here and there – I am not immune to injury – but I have always bounced back.
The company has done a couple of studies already to ascertain ASEA’s positive effect on athletes’ ability to increase endurance. They studied multiple factors and one of the most amazing results was that taking ASEA for just two weeks increased the Ventilatory Threshold (time to hit the runner’s wall) over 12% on average. That’s a huge improvement for any athlete.
That said, it is never wise or prudent to make rash judgments about what happens in causality. By that I mean I am not one to say ASEA is automatically helping me recover like I never have before. Since I am not certain if that is the case, it would be unwise for me to say so. Then again, I do not know for certain when I toe the line of a marathon if I will finish that race, either. However, I have a pretty good idea I will get to the finish line. I also have a pretty good idea ASEA is doing something right.
As I gear up for my solo running of the American Odyssey Relay, I am happy that ASEA will be on board with me. I plan on taking a regimented dosage as I traverse the entire 202 miles and hope to continue to challenge my own personal limits. I feel that with my hard work, dedication, and planning I will be able to do so. And I am happy that I will also be taking my ASEA along the way.



Cameron Hoffman – Criterium Bicycle Racing

Who is Cameron Hoffman? He is the 2007, 2008 & 2009 Winner of the LOTOJA Classic. LOTOJA is a European-style road classic that is unparalleled in distance and beauty. At 206 miles LOTAJA is the longest one-day USCF-sanctioned bicycle race in the country.
Cameron has two more impressive wins to add to his Resume as he recently won the Utah State Road Race Championship and then following it up with another victory at the Terry McGinnis Memorial Criterium beating Olympic Nordic Gold Medalist Bill Demong.
“It was a pack finish (60 starters). I was first into the last turn, held as much speed as I could through the turn (without hitting the deck). As I came out of the turn I had about 4 bike lengths and 225 meters to the finish. Fun race with a ton of action all the way through.”
“Improving my game every time I take ASEA! I make ASEA part of my training and competitive routine. To me, ASEA has become as normal as a simple multivitamin. I breathe easier and recover quicker.”

Cameron Hoffman


Free of body discomfort

As an ASEA customer, I am amazed (And that just doesn’t happen in my book) at a very personal level. Having fought very serious health challenges for so many painful years, I have never found full relief without heavy pain medications. After just days of ASEA now, I feel 100% better and completely free of the discomfort I have dealt with for years. This has never happened to me. I have energy to meet my days. I don’t completely understand this, but I am so thankful.

Grace McMullin, Colorado

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